Marie-Helene Babin is a professional Makeup Artist and an award-winning body painter, based in Vancouver, BC.  She graduated with honours in 2009, from the Blanche MacDonald Enter. With over 15 years experience as a body painter and 8 years experience as a Makeup Artist, her body of work, covering print advertising, editorial, film & tv and beauty makeup, demonstrate her skills to design unique looks based on any given concept. She has contributed to many magazines and advertisement campaigns, and worked with several photographers & videographers. She is also a permittee with both movie unions IATSE and ACFC.

Thanks to her background in visual arts, she has many great techniques that she can integrate to her work and play with. Conveying stories through her makeup artistry is what she is passionate about. She is an Airbrush and Makeup instructor at VCC; it provides her the chance to share her passion with her students. 

Beside her artistry, she enjoys hiking in the old-growth BC forest, cycling around the seawall, swimming and spending time with her feathery-babies, Nook & Guava.